Key Topics


The villages of Shillingford St George and Shillingford Abbot

Key Topics

These documents and links provide more information to some of the key topics dicussed by the Parish Council.


South West Exeter Development (updated 10th June)

The South West Exeter development is a major part of the Teignbridge Local Plan and will provide at least 2000 dwellings, associated infrastructure and land for community facilities/services.


For all of the latest information about the development please visit the main SWE website.


Major planning application 15/00708/MAJ was received on 17th March 2015. This application has been made by Bovis Homes and covers the outline for the residential development, mixed use local centre, education facilities, sport and recreation, land for community buildings, open space, as well as drainage, access and highways infrastructure changes. This includes the area around Waybrook Lane.


Major application 15/01331/MAJ was received on 5th June 2015. This application is made by Westcountry Land and covers the parcel of land known as A2 to the right of Waybrook Lane when travelling out of Shillingford Abbot.




















There is considerable documentation regarding both plans but we have identified the following documents as the most important and they give a good overview of the project.


Documents from 15/00708/MAJ (Bovis application)

SWE Overall Site Allocation Plan (PDF 376kb)


Outline Planning Application Proposals (PDF 421Kb)

Matford Barton - Design and Access Statement (PDF 12.9Mb)

Concept Masterplan (Bovis application only) (PDF 4.3Mb)


Outline Planning Application - Sustainability Statement (PDF 417Kb)

Outline Planning Application - Planning Support Statement (PDF 1.8Mb)

Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary (PDF 8.8Mb)


Plan: Land Use (PDF 4.8Mb)

Plan: Access (PDF 4.8Mb)

Plan: Movement (PDF 2.5Mb)


Transport Assessment (PDF 1.1Mb)

Local Highways Network (PDF 1.8Mb)

Access Arrangement Overview (PDF 3Mb)


Documents from 15/01331/MAJ (Westcountry Land) - added 10th June

Non-technical summary (PDF 458Kb)

Design and Access (PDF 3.1Mb)

Transport (PDF 409Kb)

Schedule of accomodation (PDF 5.4Mb)

Landscape and visual impact (PDF 3Mb)


The Bovis application was discussed at our meeting on Monday 13th April and comments were made to the Planning officer.


The Westcountry Land application will be discussed at our meeting on Monday 15th June and comment will be submitted to the Planning following the meeting.


Local Affordable Housing Need

Site Appraisal Report (January 2014)


Planning Applications

From time to time the Parish Council will discuss and vote upon local planning applications in accordance with the Parish Planning Charter. These planning meetings are public and are publicised in the normal manner. If you would like to review the applications being discussed all of the documents are available on Teignbridge Planning Online. The Reference Number for applications being discussed will be published on the meeting agenda.


Teignbridge Local Plan

The Teignbridge Local Plan 2013-2033 sets out the council's planning vision for the district, delivering growth, jobs, homes, facilities and environmental protection. The plan is the framework which guides development and offers much better protection for places the council does not earmark for development.



To view some of the documents on this site you will need a PDF reader installed on your computer. You can download one for free here.



Bovis Development Propose