The villages of Shillingford St George and Shillingford Abbot


Parish Councillors

Peter Barwell - Chairman

Wilf Turner  - Vice Chairman

Chris Carr - Village Hall Representative, Snow Warden 

Les Howard - Planning

Bernard Stamp  - Highways, Footpaths and Environment, Village Hall Representative

John Parrot - link with Teignbridge Association of Local Councils (TALC), Financial overview


Contact Your Councillors

You can contact your councillors through the parish clerk:

Juliette Thompson on 01626 863811 or


Chairman - Peter Barwell -  Tel: 07973 473515

Chris Carr - Tel: 01392 832286 Mobile: 07788 153194

Wilf Turner -

Bernard Stamp -

Les Howard -

John Parrot -

Register of Interests

Cllr Carr

Cllr Turner

Cllr Barwell                  

Cllr Stamp

Cllr Howard

Cllr Parrott

District Councillors (Kenn Valley)

Alison Foden -

Andrew Swain -

Charles Nuttall -

Teignbridge District & Devon County Councillor

Alan Connett 

8 Victoria Close, Kenton, Devon, EX6 8JX

Mobile: 07843 013705

Member of Parliament

Mel Stride (Conservative)

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

T: 01392 823306


Parish Councillors and Local Representatives