The villages of Shillingford St George and Shillingford Abbot

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Parish Councillors

Your local Parish Councillors are;

Peter Barwell - Chairman

Wilf Turner  - Vice Chairman

Chris Carr - Village Hall Representative, Snow Warden 

Les Howard - Planning

Bernard Stamp  - Highways, Footpaths and Environment, Village Hall Representative

John Parrot - link with Teignbridge Association of Local Councils (TALC), Financial overview


Contact Your Councillors

You can contact your councillors through the parish clerk, Juliette Thompson on 01626 863811 or

or alternatively you can contact them directly using the following contact details;

  • Chairman - Peter Barwell -  Tel: 07973 473515
  • Chris Carr - Tel: 01392 832286 Mobile: 07788 153194
  • Wilf Turner -
  • Bernard Stamp -
  • Les Howard -
  • John Parrot -

Register of Interests

Parish Councillors are required to disclose any pecuniary interests. Broadly speaking these are generally business interests or other financial interests. 

By clicking on the individual names of the councillors below, you can view their register of interests.

Councillor Carr

Councillor Turner

Councillor Barwell                  

Councillor Stamp

Councillor Howard

Councillor Parrott

District Councillors (Kenn Valley)

Your district councillors are;

Alison Foden -

Andrew Swain -

Charles Nuttall -

Teignbridge District & Devon County Councillor

Alan Connett 

8 Victoria Close, Kenton, Devon, EX6 8JX

Mobile: 07843 013705

Member of Parliament

Mel Stride (Conservative)

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 01392 823306

Parish Councillors and Local Representatives



Accessibilty Statement 

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