Community Questionnaire


The villages of Shillingford St George and Shillingford Abbot

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Community Questionnaire

In order to find out more about our villages and to decide whether to write a Parish or Neighbourhood plan, a group of people got together to design, deliver, collect and analyse the results of a questionnaire to find out what you thought of our villages and what your aspirations were. 

There were 180 questionaires delivered and we received 91 completed returns. 

On Friday 22nd November 2019, there was a meeting in the Village Hall for the results of the village questionnaire to be shared with the village. The evening was divided into first, showing the numerical details of the ‘tick boxes’ and secondly, the topics which had been written in the large boxes were summarised.

There were too many to show but by clicking on the question numbers listed below, you can read in full all the comments received in response to that question.

The main ideas which were addressed that evening revolved around traffic problems, the village green and car park and mobile signal/broadband. It was suggested that where there were particular problems, small groups could take the problems further. Others would be passed on to the Parish Council or Village Hall.

Questions 1 & 2 were demographic questions and therefore no comments provided below and Question 11 required only a yes/no response.

  • Question 3 -  Do you have any other ideas for events in the parish
  • Question 4 - Do you experience difficulties entering or leaving either village by road
  • Question 5 - Are there any areas in either village that you consider dangerous
  • Question 6 - Do you think the housing provision is adequate
  • Question 7 - In what ways is the church important to you
  • Question 8 - What should be the main focus of the PC to improve the quality of life in the village
  • Question 9 - What would help to improve the DCC library van service
  • Question 10 - Do you have any mobile phone or broadband difficulties at home
  • Question 12 - Are you aware of the Neighbourhood watch in the parish
  • Question 13 - Other concerns in the village
  • Question 14 - How do you find out about events in the parish
  • Question 15 - How do you think communication can be improved
  • Question 16 - How do you feel about living in the village
  • Question 17 - Any additional comments



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